Our vision:

Rural youth living a happy life in dignity through knowledge, skills and values developed at the Don Bosco Vocational Training cum Production Centre Amguri.

Our mission:

Reach out to the young people, and help them grow, build their dreams and lead a self-determined life.

Vision & Mission

How it all started

On 24th June 2011 the Don Bosco Vocational Training cum Production Centre has been established by DBYES (Don Bosco Youth Mission and Educational Services) after a decade of service in the riot-torn rural areas of Kokrajhar and other adjoining districts. Founded under the charismatic leadership of its director Fr. VM Thomas SDB, it follows the sole purpose of reaching out to the most deprived and marginalised youth of the area through sustainable vocational training.

More on our Objectives

The idea of a Vocational Training Centre was born with the realization that many of the youngsters who were school dropouts were wasting their time loitering around, getting into anti-social activities or going out of Assam in search of domestic chores. In order to reach out to these young people, and help them lead a dignified life, DBYES felt the need to establish a Vocational Training cum Production Centre in the area. As it was already operating in Kokrajhar, Chirang and Udalguri Districts offering educational services to the deprived children, it was felt all the more easy to help the youth through vocational training.

The vocational education imparted by DBYES addresses all three educational objectives of imparting knowledge, teaching skills and promoting values.

Why we have chosen the Amguri location

Amguri was chosen as the location of the Centre primarily due to its being a rural area and also the proximity to the market place. It was chosen with the intention that the youth do not need to travel long distance for training.

Moreover, the people of the area were the most deprived as they have been staying in refugee camps for a long period of time. The idea was to provide the youth with life-sustaining skills without displacing them from their rural settings. 

We provide Life Skills & Human Formation education

Like in other Bosco Training Centres facilitated by DBYES, the skills imparted here in Amguri is life-oriented education and human formation. The contents of the training, the curriculum, the input sessions and the process of imparting skills are all geared up to helping the local youth to grow up, to build their dreams and shape their lives.

Amguri Training Centre is a Centre of life preparation established in a rural setting to train the most underprivileged and marginalised youth in sustainable skills. The DBI team in Kokrajhar was entrusted with the task to prepare the place and mobilise the youth. Meetings with villagers and village leaders bore fruit as they came in big numbers to extend possible help in setting up the Training Centre.